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Hormone replacement

Our approach is Legendary.\We combine Medicine, Supplements, Lab testing for best results. Testing with a personalized program with TimeLine to reach your goals.

Legendary Immune System

Our approach is Legendary. We let you help us pick and choose. With today’s many options and diversity of population 1 stoop type diets are not working. We combine Medicine, Supplements, Lab Testing with a personalized program with TimeLine to reach your goals.

Legendary Infusion Therapy

Each infusion is tailored toward each patient’s needs while using the highest injectables from US based pharmacies.

  • Legendary IV – Everything you can think of and more. Amino’s, Vitamin C, B-complex, Special Mineral Blend. The building blocks and Right CC’s to make a difference
  • Legendary Detox- Anti-oxidents
  • Legendary IV Hair- Biotin, Vitamin C, Amino Acids, Essential hair Minerals, B-Complex for Legendary Hair.

Legendary Cosmetics

We use different brands to get the look you want. There is a big variety so like any artist we mix and match Personalized and Precision for your look. Individuality is us

  • Botox, Dysport, Xeomin On Sale
  • Fillers- Mix and match. Thick/Thin fillers long-lasting, The list goes on. Need in places that are intricate and delicate. We have it. Name it, and we do it. Complimentary Consult

Legendary Hair